X17 Teacher Calendar 2019/2020 – Calendar System for Teachers, Made in Germany a5 Schwarz-Lederfasermaterial


Diary designed specifically for teachers 2019/2020
The teacher’s calendar offers a combination of innovation and perfect planning with its modular system.

It consists of four inserts (notebooks):
# The weekly calendar with the inserts is delivered:
+ 1. Half year 2020 (weekly calendar landscape).
+ 2. Half year 2020 (weekly calendar landscape).
+ 2. Half year 2019 (weekly calendar landscape).

Teacher’s insert:
+ 4x timetable
+ 2 x year plan.
1x student list for class teachers (35 students).
11 x student list for instructors (35 students).
+ 1 page “Important data”

(Download link: http://www.tehrerkalender.info/X17_teacher’s insert)

1 x lined notes.
1x A5 Leporello 2019 + A5 Leporello 2020.

Important: If you would like an address insert, please order it separately.

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