todoideas Agenda 2018 A6 Black and Blue


Agenda 2018: “Dream My Life and why live my dream” Super agenda of week view in convenient sizes for carrying in the hand, in the bag or take in the work. Organizes all your work and free time, so you can hold the head in anything other than: “That I Will Not Forget This, or other NOR…” Size: A6 (fourth of Folio: 14.8 x 10 cm) Features: * From December 2017 until December 2018. * Front and Back Matte laminated 600 g flexible protection. * Interior: 90 g offset. * Black metal spiral. Colours: Black and Blue * * Black and Green * Black and Fuchsia Fuchsia * Multi-color * Green * Blue * White * Contains: * Personal Data. * Several Months Brand Index Pages: 300 g * portadillas: 200 g (re-usable as sheets motivating with positive messages of different designs and colors for which the concerts to whoever you want). * Annual Calendar with national holidays highlighted. * Post-it of different sizes and colours (“pos-sit you with Rush). * Clear plastic on with velcro closure (For Storing And Quickly find your papelucos). * Hours of Monday to Sunday (For Activities, sports, gym…). * Monthly plannings (For That Don’t Nothing Done). * lists of… (birthday, clothes for the suitcase, the purchase…). * Notes (where power add ideas, contacts…). * 8 sheets with stickers (stickers: Bank, doctor, dentist, reviews, meeting, Padel, Pilates, jogging, gym, dance, Meets, party, meal, dinner, travel, cinema, theatre, holiday, anniversary…). You can view your content more carefully in the rest of photos that appear. And if you want that what rematemos… you also envolvemos. Contact us. Designed and made with much love in Madrid. Quite a year ahead to fulfil your dreams. Let’s enjoy.

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