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The HappySelf Journal – A Daily Journal for Kids Aged 6-12 to Promote Happiness, Develop Positive Habits and Nurture Enquiring Minds [English Language Version]

Price: £22.65

The HappySelf Journal

A daily journal for children aged 6 to 12, based on scientifically proven methods that promote happiness, develop healthy habits for life and nurture enquiring minds.

Beautifully illustrated and easy to use, with just a few minutes focus each day, children benefit by being encouraged to express gratitude, reflect on their emotions and think about their actions.

Some Reviews from our Facebook Page:

Annabel, Mum to a 6 year old boy
My 6 year old son has been writing his journal for the past two months. We have noticed a real change in himself; he’s more chatty, more open, and most wonderfully of all, asking for hugs. This is the boy who was born independent, who is very loving but not remotely tactile and who declares his love on paper, not in person. I honestly believe the journal is connecting us and heightening his awareness of his feelings. Thank you.

Sharon, Mum to an 8 year old girl
Every child should have this book. It has had such a positive impact on my 8 year old in just 5 days. Even her 15 year old brother has commented on the change! She is more determined, doesn’t cry when she fails and has looked for positives in everything. As a teacher for 10 years, I have seen so many children struggle with self belief and give up when faced with difficult problems … I can honestly say, this lovely little book is brilliant.

Stefanie, Mum to a 7 year old boy
I bought the Happy Self Journal about 3 weeks ago. My 7 year old son is very shy and started getting more and more anxious. The journal is already having a profound impact. He is suddenly a lot more confident, his teacher noticed a big difference in him, participating and sharing his ideas in class. We love the illustrations, the inspirational quotes and the variety. This high quality book is beautifully designed with a soft moleskin cover. I think every child should have a Happy Self Journal.

Promotes Gratitude Practice: Keeping a gratitude journal is one of the most well-established happiness practices and the easiest to do.
Fosters a Growth Mindset: This is a term introduced by Prof Carol Dweck and a concept that many schools are now introducing as a way to support a positive learning mindset.
Encourages Kindness: Studies with children show that behaviour leading to the enhanced welfare of others promotes increased physical and mental wellbeing.
Advocates Mindfulness: Mindfulness, or the ability to stay in the moment, has been linked through numerous studies to psychological and physical wellbeing.
Supports Self-awareness: Diversity of emotional experience is scientifically linked to happiness and dispels the myth that happiness equals a perpetual state of positive emotion. Cultivating self-awareness and allowing children to show true emotions is therefore beneficial.


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