Small World Scratch Map – World Travel Map With Carrying Tube – Deluxe Scratch Off Map – Fun & Colourful Scratch Poster – Black & Gold

Price: £15.74

Luckies of London Deluxe World Travel Map 16.5 Inch

Our Deluxe World Map is the map for travel and geography enthusiast, as well as anyone looking to expand their knowledge of geography in a unique and interactive way. It’s our most elaborate scratch atlas we’ve made to let you mark off your travels or plan future trips and create your own personalized travel plans, no matter where you might want to go.

We’ve strived to make our maps fun and easy to use by anyone, children especially have been shown to be more knowledgeable about geography when learning through interactive means. How to use our maps is simple, just scratch off an area you’ve been to, where you might want to go, or someplace you’re just interested to know more about, it’s entirely up to you.

The Perfect Map Décor and Travel Gift

If you fancy yourself as somewhat of a map enthusiast, then you can’t go wrong with one of our where been maps by the creators of the original scratch maps. All of our maps are printed on laminated recycled paper and are extremely durable. So, if you’re planning to take it with you or hang it up to use as travel décor, they’ll last for as long as you’ll need it to.

Also, whether you’re someone who has been across the world and back or looking to get more adventure into your life, this scratchable world map is perfect for you. If you’re looking for the ideal travel gift for the friend or family member that always seems to use their frequent flier miles, the Deluxe World Scratch Off Map is the perfect gift for travelers that’s sure to bring a smile.

SMALLER DESIGN – With our Deluxe edition scratch out map, you’ll easily be able to have hours of excitement scratching and learning the location of each country. Measuring 41.9 x 29.7 centimeters it makes a great travel poster for smaller spaces or can be carried along in your suitcase.
DISCOVER WHERE YOU’VE BEEN – If you’ve been quite the traveler in your lifetime, this Deluxe scratch off map is an exciting way to see and show to others where you’ve been in the world. Also, with its long lasting design, you can always come back and scratch off your most recent visits to new countries.
THE MOST EXCITING WAY TO TEACH GEOGRAPHY – If you’re a teacher trying to find an interactive and fun way to get your students excited about geography, Luckies of London’s scratchable maps are sure to give them new found interest. Kids of any age will easily be able to learn with each country they rub off.
AN IDEAL TRAVEL GIFT – If you have a friend or family member who loves to travel to new and exotic places, then Luckies of London’s Deluxe World Scratch Map is the perfect gift for them. Our maps come in a unique and sturdy travel tube, something knock-off brands won’t include.


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