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Revised for 2019 – GL Assessment 11+ Practice Papers Bundle of All 11+ Practice Packs (12 Packs)

Price: £95.31

Also available directly from GL Assessment, these Practice Papers give you and your child everything you need to prepare for the 11+ tests. Our practice packs have been updated to better reflect the layout pupils will find when they sit the real test. Written by our own test experts and drawing on our decades of experience in creating 11+ tests for UK schools, these are the most authentic, up-to-date papers available. The all-in-one pack contains all 12 practice packs covering English, Maths, Verbal reasoning and Non-verbal reasoning. Each pack contains three complete practice papers, together with full answers and guidance for you and your child. Each paper is designed to replicate a real test so that you can help your child to get comfortable with the format, with examples of the types of questions asked and the timings for each one. With GL Assessment, you can give your child the confidence to reach their full potential. Each pack is also available separately.

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