Productivity Planner for Entrepreneurs! Best Daily Planner 2018 – Weekly Agenda/Daily Calendar. Full Focus at a Glance! Beat Procrastination! Jumpstart Your Business! A5 Undated Hardcover Journal


WARNING! Read this, before you jump into this daily deal: This is not a usual planner! It’s NOT 1 YEAR LONG.

When was the last time when you bought a 1 year long planner for cheap? Maybe last year. Did you reach your goals and dreams? Have you exploded your business or your life since then?


This is the perfect time frame to get things done with the biggest chance! It’s proven by studies.

By narrowing your vision to 90 days, you can focus 10 times better, and you can break down goals easily and turn them into doable, smaller chunks. This way you will grow your chance to reach them, because it’s 100 times easier to finish smaller tasks step by step.

90 days seems to be the range where planning and your ambition fall reasonably close together. Got it? It’s not for the AVERAGE person! It’s only for you, if you are an ENTREPRENEUR and/or someone who wants to reach the next level in productivity. Seriously. It’s NOT FOR TIRE KICKERS. Don’t buy it just because you’re curious. If you want to be more productive without any kind of effort, learning the ropes or putting time into it, then it’s definitely not for you. This planner is precisely designed for peak performance for the entrepreneurial mind. It’s a complete, proven and tested system built to make you 10 times more productive on the long term. I mean, really. This is it. And therefore it’s not an ordinary, general planner you will see in a stationary shop

Ifocus Business Planner comes with OUR GUARANTEE: We are a young entrepreneurial couple, and we created this small, family based company to support you with the best productivity tool on the long term.Your satisfaction is the number one priority on our to-do list. If you have any issue, just contact us and we make it right for you!

FULL ATTENTION TO GET THE JOB DONE! UNLIKE most journals, agendas or diarys, Ifocus is created for you with one purpose in mind: Full focus to get things done! This is YOUR UNFAIR ADVANTAGE! Imagine: You start working but confusion and interruptions get in your way. NOW you can easily handle the daily chaos during your busy workday. 2018 could be your best year ever if you start to implement focus and priorities as a new weekly and daily habit in your life and business.

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