poster hanger clear Strips Snaps maps drawings Poster Grippers A1 A2 A3 A4 1 M (A1)

Price: £3.99

High quality Clear Poster Hanger Set. With transparent clear hanging cord . Following sizes comes in 4 strips 2 for top and 2 for bottom with 4 eyes to hang due to large width. A0 Landscape 120 CM 140CM 200 CM. FOR WIDER POSTERS YOU CAN USE MORE THAN ONE STRIPS NEXT TO EACH OTHER AND CAN TRIM EXTRA WITH SCISSOR. These poster strip is perfect for hanging posters in a simple but stylish way. Kit includes top and bottom strips. You just slide in the poster in to the strips. Top strip has eyes to hang on nails/screws or put cord between two eyes to hang. (YOU ARE BUYING ONLY TOP & BOTTOM CLEAR STRIPS & clear hanging cord) For ceiling hanging kit with clear or steel cables to hang from ceiling please see our other items. For system details please call Habib on 02079986911 OR 07946655177 please visit picturehangingdirect co uk for assistance.


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