Paperblanks 18 Month Diaries 2020-2021 Azure | Horizontal | Midi (130 × 180 mm)

Price: £19.95

This blue and gold Paperblanks Equinoxe Azure 2021 18-Month Diary reproduces a 1688 binding protecting L’office de la Semaine Sainte. The original binding was adorned “à la fanfare,” a handtooled pattern edged in gilt. Fanfare, which was a style popular in the 17th century, required tremendous skill on the part of the bookbinder and was reserved for books of great importance.

Binding: Smyth Sewn; Closure: Elastic Band; Memento Pouch
208 pages; Horizontal; Midi; 130 × 180 mm
2 Satin ribbon markers in Red / Gold
100% recycled binder boards; FSC-certified text paper
Language: English (International Holidays)

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