Manga For Women: Girl Crush Annual 2018

Price: £7.55

An all-girl vacation in Paris leads to one very interesting ‘truth’ or ‘dare’ story in which Nathalie “NAV” Victória, Swiss schooled executive female, lipstick-LGBTQ and Tri-Lambda Delta sorority member of an elite school in Switzerland reveals her everlasting love for best friend and High School ballet Principal MISS. G.

This diverse LGBT Annual contains all of the ‘Girl Crush’ themes so-far; Paris, Venice, love, friendship, childhood memories, teenage-angst, paper-dolls and the Cervix Montreux mathematics exam. Updated graphics and previously unseen extras, such as cover and logo development make this an exciting read and a visual experience. A great-looking easily readable annual with self-contained micro-stories on every page. The author was ever so tempted to call it a Biannual with ANDA being totally straight and Nav being the Lipstick Lesbian or so the story starts. Ohhh you will find this very interesting. [This graphic novel is best viewed on the KINDLE FIRE and contains 96 illustrated pages which are readable ; with the ability to zoom-in for that slightly easier read.]

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