Laminated Giant Academic Wall Planner 2019/20, 3 Sizes. Student Wall Year Planner.

Price: £8.75

B1 (Giant) Academic Wall Planner, runs September 1st 2019 to on 31st August 2020. This planner is made of 200gsm paper, and has a very high quality laminated finish, perfect for write on wipe off dry-wipe markers. We supply a free pen and one sheet of coloured stickers. Plannerworld is the new name in planners. Our quality cannot be surpassed, our designs are extremely modern (this one was designed in February 2016). Because of the quality of print and design, this planner should make any wall look better than you ever thought it could. DAY BOX SIZES: A2 = 4.5cm wide x 1cm tall, A1 = 6.3cm wide x 1,3cm tall, B1 (Giant) = 8cm wide x 1.5cm tallB1 Giant (70cm Tall x 100cm Wide), Extra Large Academic Wall Planner – September 1st 2018 to August 31st 2019
Student, Teacher, Univeristy, College Calendar Planner. 200gsm high quality laminated (shiny) paper.
NOTE: This planner is for the Student ACADEMIC YEAR (it starts in September). Posted rolled up, not folded.
DAY BOX SIZES: Giant = 8cm wide x 1.5cm tall

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