Greenpeace Deluxe Calendar 2020

Greenpeace Deluxe Calendar 2020

Greenpeace have been “Standing Up for the Earth” since 1971, as leaders in the protection and preservation of the environment on both global and local levels. The Greenpeace Deluxe calendar for 2020 has important and informative subjects supporting the efforts of Greenpeace in full colour nature portraits by some of the world’s best photographers, and documents in pictures and words of some of the organisation’s active projects. Support a great cause with all the royalties from the sale of this calendar going towards the charity. Printed on 100% recycled paper. The monthly photographs are accompanied by a spacious dated grid with moon phases and international holidays. The large daily grid also provides sufficient space to organise appointments, birthdays and reminders and will help you stay on track throughout the year.

Buy it now from Calendar Club for only £11.99.

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