Green Day…American Idiot… Iconic Album Cover Poster … Various Sizes (A2 Size 42 x 61 cms) (A3 Size 42 x 29 cms)

Price: £8.99

All Sizes printed to order so you get a brand new item every time. Super A1 & A2 Sizes printed on satin finish paper. A3 & A4 Sizes printed on gloss finish paper. All items are “Best Fit” to the media size giving a border that gives a nice crisp finish and maintains aspect ratios. Please note; this is a reprint of an original album cover. ALBUM COVERS…..PLEASE READ……… The PRINT AREA is very SQUARE on these items. The print area will not fill the media. ALL album covers are square NOT rectangular, we will therefore print them SQUARE. You will receive a SQUARE print on rectangular paper, which you may trim or leave as suits you. The height of the print area will be the same as the width of your chosen media size. eg A2 Size ….42 x 42 cms. We recommend larger sized posters to display at its best. Please note; These are reprints of originals. Any blemishes on the originals may be recreated on these reprints.Colourful & Decorative
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Collectable .. an enthusiasts delight
Great Gift

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