Garden of Dreams by Nathalie L’Ete Wall Calendar 2020 [12″ x 14″ Inches]


Drawing inspiration from folk art, vintage toys, and books on nature, animals, and textiles, Parisian artist Nathalie Lete’s work is striking and whimsical, sometimes mysterious, always charming. Lete’s work is so distinctive and widely appealing that she has become a global brand, garnering a cultlike following for her unique pop- and folk-art aesthetic. Her pieces have graced everything from dishes to postcards to clothing – from Anthropologie, Chronicle, and Issey Miyake – and now it’s on bold display in a calendar of her best illustrations that are like a magical trip down the rabbit hole. In 12 iconic, poster-style images, adapted from Artisan’s In the Garden of My Dreams, here are a girl reading among blossoming flowers, a valley of tall mushrooms to get lost in, an idyllic winter scene of bluebirds resting on snow-covered branches, a smartly dressed hare in a dress. The vibrancy of color and the texture of Lete’s brushstroke are irrepressibly rich, adding elegance to any wall.The elegant, dreamlike designs of Nathalie Lete, adapted from the splendid book
Lete’s iconic work appears on product collaborations with Anthropologie and Chronicle, among many others
Stunningly designed, it’s a wall calendar as object of desire for Lete’s legions of fans
Perfect gift for the art lover in your life
A slice of astonishing artistry for your home or office space

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