Dreamspell Astrological Diary 2020: Galactic Synchronicity Journal for 30th March – 14th December 2020

Price: £22.00

This Dreamspell Astrological Diary offers a page a day for you to record your experiences of the 260 day Galactic Mayan cycle. Alongside a plethora of potent insights, creative prompts and inspiration, each day is marked with both the Gregorian and Mayan date for the 2020 cycle to support you to understand who you truly are, through synchronising with Galactic Time.What’s inside?-A detailed yet easy to understand introduction to Mayan astrology, it’s history and workings-An in depth exploration of the Mayan signs and tones-Potent guidance and insights for each wavespell and moon month-Beautiful channeled illustrations and poetry-Fantastic resources to expand your learning-A page for each day of the 9 month cycle plus extra pages to review and integrate your learning”To truly know the world, look deep within your own being. To truly know yourself, take a real interest in the world.”Rudolf Steiner

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