Desk Long Weekly Planner – Wirebound Weekly Schedule Planner Pad (Apricot)

Price: £11.50

The Simple long weekly desk planner contains 35 sheets for you to take notes with.
Fits nicely in front of your keyboard or Laptop, without cluttering up your desk space.
You can keep your notes or past schedule without tearing off each sheet.
The Weekly long desk scheduler is a dateless weekly planner where you can set up own dates.
You can organizer your weekly plan or schedule with the simple long desk planner.Simple and useful planner with abundant amount of space to write your weekly plans and memos.
The front cover of the planner is made with plastic to protect the planner, while the back cover is made with thick paper material so it can stay sturdy.
The Long Weekly Planner contains 35 pages of Weekly Plan and 35 pages of Plain Note .
Weekly Plan pages are printed on front of sheets while Plain Note pages are printed on the back.
Size : 14.76 X 4.44 inches / Designed & Made in Korea

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