DayZ Portrait Weekly Calendar Organiser Pocket & Desktop Calendar – 18 Months, 2019 – 2020 Leporello Height Approx. A6, hardcover, Handmade in Wien Dunkelgrau/grün


The designer Michael Augsten and Magdalena, not only beautiful materials with a clean design combines but also wanted to Thur An Paper calendar New viewing techniques on your time allows for: easily is now a key to a Bewussteren using the time.
The solution is the handy planner Dayz, which shows in case we need for months at a glance. No double writing, no leaves. Achieved by the accordion fold.
The calendar Convenient to carry in your pocket or purse, can be used as a desktop calendar set up and even to hang on the wall, and different time spans.
In addition to current year, Includes every calendar full second year in Kompakterem layout, for the long term plans.
Behalte the upper hand by deadlines and events, simply, by you at a glance behältst.
The planner Dayz offers overview of your time and combines three functions interlocking: as wall calendar for easy identification, as a desktop calendar to keep your plans to check and pocket to guide you always reliable the way. If you would like other need more space for notes/Drawn images, our Notebook Notez is the perfect addition.
Early 2019 to centre 2020, 1 week on each side. An additional Compact text Rischt the subsequent months also allows you to Vorausschauendes.
Leporello, 82 Pages, portrait, elastic strap closure, Dot Grid Cover made from sturdy cardboard
High quality: 240g Premium Paper, to folded into a accordion, lid made from sturdy cardboard, elastic strap made of natural rubber or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), manual and resource friendly made in Wien, FSC/FCC-/RoHS-Certified for safety.
Language: English/countries specific holidays for at, de, it, Ch, GB, US. Work free Days Are Red marks and the highlighted Monat origins provide visibility. The subtle dot grid enables writing in all directions – even diagonal.

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