Daily Wellness Journal: Supercharge Your Day with Mindfulness and Positivity – A Guided Journal/Diary/Day Planner/Tracker, by LUCKY Life Tools

Price: £34.09

How we spend our time and attention greatly affects our experience of life. We all know that counting our blessings is a good idea. But a positive state of mind doesn’t just make life more enjoyable – scientists now tell us it also makes our brains more effective and our bodies healthier. It helps us enjoy higher productivity and creativity, and stronger relationships.

However, it’s easy to slip into focusing on what we don’t have or don’t like. Our environment (other people, the media) often doesn’t portray our glass as half full. Neither do our own brains – they’re actually hardwired to notice, respond to, and dwell on the negative much more than the positive. Psychologists call this “negativity bias”. During our first 200,000 (or so) years, human life was a daily struggle for survival – understandably, we focused much more on not getting eaten by a bear than on smelling the roses.

These days? Our lives are by comparison incredibly safe and serene. Most of our troubles aren’t life-and-death situations. Yet, our biology makes us respond with the same intensity.

So how do we stop giving in to these ancient instincts? We suggest committing to a daily practice through this journal. It will help you to infuse your mind with positive, empowering thoughts, and train yourself to lean into your strengths. It will also keep you mindful of your health habits, physical well-being, and life balance, and provide you with tools to make beneficial changes.

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