Cynthia Hart’s Victoriana Wall Calendar 2019 [12″ x 12″ Inches]

Price: £6.34

It’s a jubilee! Thirty years of Victoriana, the 4.4 million-copyselling classic calendar that celebrates the Victorian values and traditions that continue to inspire: family, holidays, and the home. Artist Cynthia Hart’s intricate Victorian collages feel like treasures or heirlooms found in an attic, bringing together vintage illustrations and labels, seasonal decorations, and layers of textiles, brooches, and jewels of the era. Joyful and cherubic children playing outdoors in the summertime. Cameo portraits of elegant women, framed by delicate flowers. Cupids, lace, and satin bows for Valentine’s Day. This special anniversary edition includes new custom-designed stickers, four gorgeous die-cut postcards, and a freestanding full-year desktop calendar.Beautiful and beloved, with 4.4 million copies sold

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