2019 Calendars

Eldzier Cortor Deluxe Calendar 2019

As a young man, Eldzier Cortor (American, 1916–2015) worked as an easel painter for the Works Progress Administration, creating scenes of African American social life on the South Side of Chicago. Some of his works can now be found within the pages of this 2019 deluxe calendar featuring 12 monthly grids and full colour artwork. Buy it now from Calendar ...

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Paris Watercolours Deluxe Calendar 2019

Frederick Brosen’s Paris Watercolours deluxe calendar, like a traveler’s memory, is tinged with fading light. Wander the fourth arrondissement and nearby landmarks through his highly detailed paintings—resembling photographs, only better. Each image will drop you in some quiet corner of this grand city, so you can enjoy 2019 in style. Buy it now from Calendar Club for only £10.99.

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Albrecht Dürer Deluxe Calendar 2019

German Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528) is held up as perhaps the most significant artist of his time, particularly for his printmaking. Dürer apprenticed to a local publisher before traveling throughout Europe, where he encountered artists who greatly influenced his work. By the age of thirty, Dürer had already created many of the works printed here in the Albrecht Dürer ...

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William Blake Deluxe Calendar 2019

Relatively unknown as an artist during his lifetime, poet, painter, and engraver William Blake A visionary since childhood, Blake held strong beliefs about religion, politics, and art, which he personalized and channeled into poetry and artwork the works of which can be found in the 2019 deluxe calendar. Buy it now from Calendar Club for only £10.99.

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Olga Suvorova Deluxe Calendar 2019

The lavish works of Olga Suvorova (Russian, b. 1966) center upon the commedia dell’arte, its characters and themes depicted in a signature style influenced by the Pre-Raphaelites, Gustav Klimt, and traditional Russian icons. Her ornate costumes—their silks and velvets, jewels and embroideries—are often the stars of any scene, which she rounds out with musical instruments, flowers, and animals. The result ...

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Wonders of Nature Calendar 2019

New for 2019! This stunning Wonders of Nature calendar captures the most fascinating weather stunts, and natural sculptures. Enjoy the wonders from the comforts of your own home with spacious date grids to keep you organised. Buy it now from Calendar Club for only £9.99.

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Floral Greenline Mini Calendar 2019

Featuring six languages, German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch, this Catcus inspired mini calendar has extra room for notes on each of the monthly images. Buy it now from Calendar Club for only £5.99.

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Hipster Squad Mini Calendar 2019

Join the Hipster Squad with this mini 2019 calendar. Filled with little date grids for just your important things. Buy it now from Calendar Club for only £5.99.

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Sea Mini Calendar 2019

Celebrate your over for the seaside with this simple but stunning Sea mini calendar. Reminding you of your seaside breaks all through 2019. This Calendar has small date grids for your appointments. Buy it now from Calendar Club for only £5.99.

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Richard Diebenkorn, Beginnings Deluxe Calendar 2019

Audiences today generally know Richard Diebenkorn’s career in terms of three major evolutions: the Sausalito, Albuquerque, Urbana, and early Berkeley. The twelve Abstract Expressionist paintings on canvas, paper, and board selected for this 2019 deluxe calendar precede his shift to figuration. Many of these pieces will be unfamiliar to the public, yet they offer a fuller picture of Diebenkorn’s precocious ...

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