Black Widow ® Colored Pencils for Adults, the Best Color Pencil Set for Adult Coloring Books, A Quality 24 Piece Blackwood Drawing Kit Available to Use in your books. Cobra Edition

Price: £11.77

Are you ready for beautifully blended colours?
Are you ready for smooth and easy shading?
Are you ready to produce your best art?

These colouring pencils are the best option when looking to create your own colourful masterpiece:

✓ 24 piece artist pencil set
✓ Professional quality
✓ Perfect for adult colouring
✓ Easy to sharpen
✓ Easy to overlay colour
✓ Strong core prevents breakages
✓ Point stays sharp
✓ Soft-core 3.3mm lead
✓ 12 month warranty

“Those pencils are awesome. Very bright and colourful and need not much pressure. Really a favorite of mine.”

“Nice crayons, good selection of colours and sharpen well, very quick delivery!”

“These coloring pencils are absolutely marvelous very good colour I use them a lot!”

In the unlikely event you are unhappy with your purchase, we offer a 12 month warranty / guarantee! Please note that this does not include general pencil wear and tear. All warranty claims will be processed once the pencil set is returned.

Why compromise and ruin your work of art with a budget pencil set? Instead, invest in the best and see the results for yourself! Crafted from unique blackwood, our 24 piece crayon set stands above the rest and leaves you with amazing results.

Black Widow art pencils are professional quality art instruments that allow you to truly express yourself and live a life full of vibrant colour – buy today, just click “Add to Basket”!✅ EXPRESS YOUR TALENTS These pencils will inspire you to delve deeper into a world of colour. Become the artist you aspire to be, and leave your peers in awe
✅ FEEL COMFORTABLE Using our hexagonal design, easier hold and comfortable grip will ensure less hand fatigue
✅ LESS SHARPENING Increases the life of your pencil, less worries, and more time spent enjoying your colouring
✅ NO MORE HASSLES Blending, layering and shadowing is easy. This will empower you to effortlessly transition between forceful lines, delicate blends and smooth shadows.
✅ STRESS RELIEF COLORING PENCILS Enjoy the freedom you get while coloring your favourite adult coloring books]

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