Betzold elementary school planner 2017/2018. A4 plus system school planner for efficient organisation for teachers, annual planners, music lists, holiday dates, with document insertion compartment.


The new basic school planner, 2017/2018 from Betzold, as usual in excellent quality. The planner has everything you need for the efficient organization of your everyday life. Holiday appointments, year and project planner, diary, pupil and marks lists and a lot more. Week presentation on two pages; thus, appointments can be identified and matched at a glance.
This practical A4 plus ensures that you can store documents carefully. At the back part there is a slip pocket for documents.


Students and marks lists with observation.
1 main class (50 pages) with pupil / mark lists (multifunctional sites), seat plan, class timetable and services, check-lists (for ticking) pupil observation and per pupil, 1 page for notes, observations, parental talks etc., collecting lists for money.
Suitable for 3 sub classes (6 pages) with pupil / mark lists, table plans, classes, lesson plans, and services, notes page for suggestions, assessments etc.
Class sorting (no wild mess) = pupil names just have to be listed once.
Name columns perforated for tearing = no tedious transfer required.
Diary (days of the week vertical).
Week at a glance on 2 pages with 6 main and 2 additional hours, as well as a line for important notes such as birthdays etc.
Can also be used as a material distribution plan at the beginning of the school year!
Holiday appointments and personal information.
Holiday clear view, personalised details + teacher lesson plans.
Yearly project planner.
9 pages for notes at the back, 1 page each for important contacts, planned class tests, lessons covered/cancelled and owed/due.
Note and pupil lists indicate which line setting you use to print out name lists with Microsoft Windows and Excel, for example…Organisation: the new Betzold primary planner, 2017/2018 with handy A4 plus format for better organisation of everyday life.

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