Bada Bing by Ledi Mountain Book Calendar 2017 Blue Annual Calendar Calendar Gift


This high quality elegant book calendar is perfect for your appointments 2017. the stainless covers are equipped with an attractive stamped on them and the year 2017. The calendar is an all-rounder. It provides everything you need for the new year. Both year planning for your project plans of the year 2017, a month planners as well as the overview of the individual days of the year 2017 For Accurate time measurement. The calendar has the full range of yearly overview for every day’s a side and on the bottom edge, so you’ll always be precisely where kW realise you need. A perfect overview of mini format. In addition there is plenty of room to most important notes to taking notes. This calendar can help you for which makes planning 2017 and thanks to its stylish, elegant design right look great. The calendar ends with of planner to April 2018. so you never have to cannot fall at the end of a year with two books, use. The annual calendar has even more great additives: Holiday Planner, International Trade Shows and exhibitions 2017, second son of Wöterbuch with the important transmissions German English and a third small computer ABC, allows you to constantly to be the latest state of the current quickly and accurately. An interesting gimmick is the calorie table, so you will when you’re on the move can also healthy nutrition. On three sides there is a large telephone number you will all at a glance. The calendar has a strap, and really does make this that always keeps up with the right side, quickly and easily find. Featuring a chic design in elegant blue hue is a great gift for your loved one. Whether it’s for the family Mangerin, the group Chef and your female friends as a travel diary, with this stylish calendar you can give one a try inexpensively.This high-quality, fine book calendar is perfect for your appointments 2017.

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