Price: £18.27


  • Each frame is made using MDF molding and fitted with quality backboard.
  • All Frames comes with expensive high clarity Shatterproof Styrene Protective sheet (which have same clarity of glass)


Box molding is used to create these frame which has more depth than the normal frames and which gives you the Depth/Box Effect.

  • Width of the molding: 26mm
  • Depth of the molding: 22mm

Hanging / Standing:

  • Our frames come Clip-over hanging hook and can be hung in both portrait and landscape orientation.Just change the position of hook to change the orientation.For example 10×8 frame can also be used to frame a 8×10 picture.
  • Frames upto 12×10 comes with both backstand and hooks, but frames larger than 10×10 comes with hooks only and can be used for hanging /wall mounting only.

Important Information:

  • When purchasing our frames please note that the size you are buying is the picture/photo size that will fit in the frame and not an overall size of the frame.
  • Glass is not suitable to be sent by post. So All Frames are supplied with Styrene safety glass, which has same clarity as glass, but it is much expensive, durable and safer than traditional glass. Especially suitable for homes with kids and elderly.
  • There is protective plastic film on both side of the styrene sheet. Please remove it before framing your picture. Any marks/sctraches/bubbles are only visible in film, if you remove it you will see a clear sheet of styrene.
  • Picture shown are for illustration purpose only.
  • Frames does not comes with mounts (white border)

Visit Out shop for more Selection of styles, sizes and colors. Custom sizes are available at your request.

If you have any question, please contact us, we will be happy to help and resolve any query that you may have.

These frames are made to order and dispatched from our workshop.

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