2020 Wall Planner, A1 Large Laminated Yearly Wall Calendar with Big Boxes – Ideal for Home, Office and Students

Price: £18.95

We’ve designed a wall planner that is not only available when you need it, but it has also incorporated work flow and business tools specially designed for business owners and students. On our mission of keeping the design super simple, we’ve done away with the standard “special dates” (Accession of Queen Elizabeth II??!) and instead have just coloured bank holidays pink – simple. AND… One for the list makers. We’re excited to have incorporated a custom 4 stage workflow tracker in every date box. This simple yet intuitive feature allows the user to customise a 4 stage workflow then, at a glance, you can instantly see and track the ‘vitals’ of every date. Clean. Simple. Intuitive. It’ll never crash and hey it doesn’t look too bad on the wall either.Larger boxes than many other wall planners including note space for every month.
Packaged rolled, no folding, no creases.
UK sunrise and sunset times.
4 stage workflow system for every date.
Clean. Simple. Intuitive.

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