2020 Laminated Wall Planner Calendar (35cm x 49cm) with Dry Wipe Marker Pen & 400 Stickers Plus 2021 Foot Note Dates (Red)

Price: £8.45

2020 Yearly Wall Chart Planner: 13 Month from Jan 2020 – Jan 2021 PLUS 2021 Yearly Forward Planner: 13 months from Jan 2021 to Jan 2021 PLUS Includes all UK and Ireland Public Holidays. Dry Wipe Marker And 400 Sticker Set Included Features: Available in 7 colours: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Grey and Hot Pink Medium Size: 35cm x 49cm (Slightly bigger than an A3 size Paper) Large Size: 49cm x 70cm (Slightly bigger than an A2 size paper) Gloss Print to the highest standard Manufactured in the UK Pack of 400 stickers – Perfect for wall planers, calendar, diary notes, annotations, work, home, projects, staff holiday etc… Features: 8 Colours – (Black, blue, red, green, orange, pink, purple yellow) 6 Shapes – (Line, Square, Diamond, Star, Circle Triangle) 50 Stickers per colour 400 Stickers in total Black Dry Wipe Fine Tip Marker Pen Features: Fine bullet tip 0.7mm line width Long lasting Cap can be left off for 48 hours before drying out Perfect for laminated wall planners, calendars, white boards etc. Packaging Options: – Folded will have one fold for the medium and 2 folds for the large (Cost Effective) or – Rolled in a tube (No Folds)Laminated Wall Planner: Dates from 1st Jan 2020 – 31th Jan 2021 (13 months) PLUS 2021 forward planner foot note along the bottom
Medium Size: 35cm x 49cm (Slightly bigger than an A3 size Paper)
Accessory Kit Includes: Dry wipe marker and 400 sticker pack (8 shapes / 6 colours / 50 stickers per colour)
Manufactured in the UK: With all UK Bank Holidays listed. This planner can be used for home, office, staff holidays, work, birthdays, social, events, trips, goals, preparing for deadlines and much more.
Wipeable Surface: We all know things can happen out of the blue at times or there can be changes to your plan. The planner will allow you to correct any notes, by simply rubbing off and re-writing you revised plan

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