2018 Diary: Make a Change | Set & Achieve Your Goals | A4, Dated, Week to View Planner | Vegan & Eco-Friendly

Price: £24.99

Make a Change in 2018: Achieve your goals while living your life. So often in our lives, we decide we want to make a change. Maybe just something small; maybe a huge overhaul. But it’s difficult to know where to begin, and even if we get started, it’s hard to stay on track. Life gets in the way. This diary is designed to help you make a change – your change – while staying present and organised in the rest of your life as well. To create change, you need to set goals. This diary can help you set the goals needed to make your change, then break them down into manageable 90-day, monthly and weekly goals. Spend a little time planning upfront, and reap the benefits throughout the year. The inspiration for this diary was my own search to find a diary that looked and felt professional and ‘gorgeous’ – and was produced in an environmentally-friendly way – while also helping me to set goals, create steps to achieve them, and hold myself accountable for taking those actions. It may not be perfect yet; I would love to know your feedback! Designed by Green & Gorgeous Stationery, bringing you beautiful stationery that is: Earth-friendly, People-friendly and Animal-friendly. Stationery designed with your goals – and the environment – in mind. Printed & produced in the UK by Deanprint Ltd.Week-to-view for 2018; includes January 2019 for forward planning

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